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Here are some stories which you would like to read and will definitely give you goosebumps. A secret Friend Story 2{ Part-1(FRIEND’s for BENEFITs Or ONE SIDED LOVE )(CHOICE IS YOURS) } Story 2{...

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Motivational Quotes

1. Blacks and whites are part of life.. Keep on correcting every blacks,,, and Keep on enjoying every whites,, Because this is life where everything is just not Blacks and Whites…..



Mouth watering foods now at home.I love cooking at home.Here in this section I will give many recipes which you can try at home without using modern equipment’s like Microwave, Toaster, etc. In short...


LIC Policy

In this section you will get a lot of information about LIC’s latest policy and there benefits. 1.Meaning of General policy Terms 2.ENDOWMENT PLAN a)NEW ENDOWMENT PLAN (814) b)2.JEEVAN ANAND(815) C)3.JEEVAN LAKSHYA(833) 3.WHOLE LIFE...