A secret Friend

Once upon a time a girl named Naina studying in BSc 1st year lives as a paying guest in a city named Bilaspur. She is smart and talented girl who is good looking as well as very sharp in studies.She likes to visit new places, gossip and she is also food lover.Her days in college and in pg room goes with studying and chating with family and friends.
One day she got a call from unknown number which was very common during that days.she was not aware that her whole life will change after that call.She picked up the call and said “Helloo….”
on the other side there was a boy who also said “helloo..”
without his response she named him her friends name “Aayush” suddenly he responded and said yes I am Aayush you got me.
she said how couldn’t I.
They chatted more than 2 hours that day.Now as the days passed talks of minutes converted into hours and hours into whole day and whole day became whole night as well, they became very good friends that much good that they were not in school as well.
But one thing was bothering Aayush….One big thing…

One day he called Naina and decided to tell her the whole truth about his identity.
She picked up call.. hii aayush ..
He replied I am not Aayush..
Naina–What a joke Aayush ,what happened why are you saying like this?
He said..I lied about my identity I am not your so called school friend ,I am someone else who didn’t know you in the past, I just got your number from somewhere and just prank called you. You by yourself said me my name and all,, I liked your voice from first word which you said, so I didn’t interrupted and let you say whatever you liked to say as I want to be your friend.Slowly slowly I like your company but One thing was eating me from inside about my identity as i Didn’t want to loose your friendship.So, Today i have decided to tell you everything about me without thinking of the result.I don’t want to lose you at the same time i don’t want to lie you.Now it’s up to you whether you want to talk with me anymore or not.

Naina– full of shock said… what did you just said?????? are you in your senses or not?? From past so many days you where cheating me..
Aayush– I am sorry I didn’t want to heart you..
Naina– You did.
Aayush–You can do what feel correct i will not cross your decision.
Naina– I want to meet you and want to slap you once for what you did with me.
Aayush– Ok dear if you think it will make you feel happy than I am ready for it.
Naina– Meet me tomorrow in city garden at 6’o clock in the evening.
Aayush– Ok dear I will be there at sharp 6 pm.


Aayush was there half an hour before the decided time and was waiting for NAINA. He was super exited to see the girl whom he was talking from past 2 months, He was thinking how Naina might be looking beautiful or simple, heighted or short heighted..How my girl looks ?? Thinking all these he was waiting in the garden.
Also he was in tension whether she will come or not? will she come alone or will she come with her brother or any friend to beat him for his lies?

6 PM …
Aayush eyes where stuck on the garden’s gate.
One beautiful girl came ..She took out her mobile and called someone.
Aayush Mobile rang..
Aayush saw her but was not confident is she Naina? She is so pretty .. Am I so lucky??
He called Naina and the girl on the Garden gate picked up his call..He hanged up and again called her to be very sure.again the same girl picked up his call..
He asked her to come inside the garden,saying i am inside sitting in the chair next to joggers path.
He was full of happiness that he saw the girl whom he talked so long for the first time in his entire life.
Naina reached near Aayush..

Hii.. Naina..(She saw Aayush.. He is good looking guy with medium height and with fair complexion.)
Hii.. Mihir..(Aayush) Sorry for what I did.. I really didn’t want to stretch it for so long and keep you in the dark..I really liked you after talking with you and I didn’t wanted that you break our friendship that’s why I was not able to tell you the truth. Please forgive me and lets start fresh from today with real identity …
Naina– I thought about it and came to the decision that ..You never forced me for anything like to talk to meet nothing.. So there’s no point to break our friendship. I feel that you are a loyal friend of mine whom I too never want to loose. So, yes! lets start fresh our friendship with real identities and will always share our secrets to each other.

They started there friendship from new point with old secrets and became Secret friends forever.They still talk and share there life events with each other but didn’t told anyone about there friendship and still are “SECRET FRIENDS”

Thanks Manisha sahu 🙂


I am an Insurance Adviser (LIC) and an online re-seller. Also I am working in online field from past five years.

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