In today’s competitive era earning a livelihood has become very difficult and tiring especially in our country India where the unemployment rate was approximately about 3.59% and if we compare that with 1.33 billion it’s a quite huge amount. Online earning has come as a boom to our country people and many of them are earning online too, like a person can earn from $6-$100 and more just by typing a page. If we talk about online earning methods then blogging, freelancing, virtual assistantship, casting videos on YouTube, content writing, and many other ways are available to us.
In this article we will be discussing about how to earn money through blogging. Let us begin with a question that do you know that about what amount of money a blogger can make in just a month? You will be amazed to know the fact that more than $14,000 in a month is being earned by an Indian blogger which is a quite huge amount. Now let us focus of the fact that what is blogging and what are the various efficient methods to earn through them. Blogging is process of writing in any topic in the reverse chronological manner whether it is about the day you spent, about the safety of women, etc. anything you feel can be written as a blog. Slowly and eventually blogging emerged as an efficient way to earn online. In March 2019; about 4.4 million blogs were being written every day. The famous blogger Amit Agarawal made $60,000 through blogging. About 12 million people are the part of the blogging community
How to earn through ‘Blogging’?
The way many bloggers earn online is to add various advertisements into their blogs and whenever any user clicks on it and approximately $50 are earned per 1000 clicks. This method is used by many of the beginners. Another way is by adding marketing links into your blog like links for purchasing through flipkart, amazon, club factory and various other online shopping websites. Money in the form of commission is given on every purchase through the link referred. Moreover if a person is having their business can to earn through blogging like if a person sells old cars then he/she can also publish blogs related to the selling of old cars and can promote their business and can also spread their areas of business. This process is generally known as Affiliate Marketing. On an average $2.43 are earned through affiliate marketing. Many persons also get money on writing good reviews on others blogs. By selling e-books and various online courses can also be used as various ways to earn through blogs. Many bloggers restricts the public to read their blog as a result of people are eager to read their blogs. They make the website private and hence people are ready to pay handsome amounts to read their blogs. People have to take memberships in order to read their private blogs. Major sites earn about $100k+ per year through the membership users take. You as a blogger can also earn money online as a “Freelancer”? Now you will be wondering what a Freelancer is? Freelancer in simple words is a self-employed person who works for contractors. Advantage in being a freelancer is that he/she is free from scheduled working hours. You will be surprised to know that a freelancer makes about is $21 per hour by working for about 36-40 hours a week resulting in about $42,000 per annum. One can also earn by writing “motivational blogs” like motivating people to set new aims in life, how to reach to your goals and how to make your dreams come true. It can be further explained by taking the example of Sandeep Maheshwari. His annual income is supposed to be between 74 thousand dollars to 1.1 million dollars.
Advantages of ‘Blogging’:-
No fixed working hours, endless infinite limits, best way to showcase your talent, skills and level on knowledge, can work from home itself, readers are very easy to find, a very best way to earn as no investments are required .For example you start over a business and unfortunately it does not become successful then the amount of money you invested in the business are also lost but this is not the case in blogging as no investment is needed in this, a best to gain the technical knowledge, best way to expand your thoughts and ideas and to get quick feedback to the content you wrote; in order to improve those fields on the next blog and etc. endless advantages are their of blogging but when you are ill or not able to write and publish blogs then you are deprived of the work and earn nothing and in writing a blog ample amount of time is consumed too.
Blogging thus has been a very efficient and easy way to earn online by various ways available to bloggers. It is hence served as a boom to the beginners to write the content of their choice and by the time they are professionals in their respective fields they usually had earned a lot of money just through blogging. It also helps the middle class peoples to start and even spread their business as no investment amount is required in blogging and moreover people have the right to write anything of their choice of interest or whatever they feel to write.

Introduction to Freelancing
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I am an Insurance Adviser (LIC) and an online re-seller. Also I am working in online field from past five years.

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