Earning Through You-tube!(Part-1)

In the era of modern technology people have started their own ways of earning and arranging for their livelihood and also making arrangements for their day to day requirements. These ways includes earning through the offline medium as well as the online medium. About 10-15% of the worlds overall population earns from the online methods. The next question coming to your mind will be why this rate is low the major region in regards with our country India is that about 60% of the people depends upon agriculture practices and live in villages and hence do not know how to use the internet and hence are deprived of the fact of earning online. Thus, in this article we will be discussing about the very famous and fast money making process that is the “YouTube”.
More to know about ‘You Tube’:-
How many of you are such who hasn’t listened the name ‘YouTube’. I think none of you will be there who doesn’t know about You Tube or has never listened the word. You Tube is an American video sharing platform. It was founded on 14 February 2005. Its headquarters are located in California, United States. Jawed Karim was the first person to post the first ever video on YouTube. With the coming of the 4G in India a uniform in the % of You Tube users has been increased with the passage of time as earlier there were 2G networks and generally the speed was too low and data charges were also very high. So, the people were unable to access the You Tube. Now there won’t be any single thing which an individual can’t find on the “You Tube” either it be any technical thing or any personal queries almost everything is just one click away from the user.
Advantages of You Tube:-
There are a number of advantages to earn as well as seek information about and on every single possible topic or issue.
The various advantages of You Tube in this modern and developed are:-
1. Individuals who do not get enough opportunities or are unable to showcase their extraordinary talent can just simply start channels on the You Tube and can get a chance of showcasing their talents as well as they can also make a huge fan following by just creating and making a channel on You Tube and uploading their videos on various topics and contents either it be food blogs or the modern technical manufacturing of the various commodities. Moreover it has about approximately 1,300,000,000 users and about 5 billion videos are watched on it every single day. 300 hours of videos are uploaded in You Tube every single day.
2. You can also download the videos you like on it or can save them though there are some videos which require premium membership on You Tube. You just need to copy the video URL and paste on various online available websites and you just have to paste the URL and your favourite video is ready to download.
3. You can like, dislike, comment, on the various uploaded videos on it and you can also report videos which according to you are not fit for watching or has any kind of vulgar content. The comments made by the viewers helps the up loader to improve the errors and the mistakes and the positive comments made by the users also encourages and makes them confident and hence they becomes more passionate to their work.
4. You can earn many techniques and abilities through You Tube like a beginner in coding or an individual having interest in coding has a benefit of watching end number of videos without much cost as he/she may had to pay approximately 20 times of the amount to earn offline in various coding classes.
Disadvantages of You Tube:-
As glory with itself brings defame thus there are some disadvantages of You Tube too. Like:-
1. Everything you upload is public to everyone meaning that everyone across the globe can see or watch the content you have uploaded. Thus, causing the copyrights issues and various related problems as the user can too watch your uploaded video without even entering his or her ID. Thus, issues of copyrights are common throughout.
2. There are many rules and regulation while you want to upload any video on it or you are watching any of the uploaded videos. You Tube also has restrictions on how your channel looks and its optimization also comes under it.
3. Your account can anytime be disabled without any prior information. Thus you don’t know when your account can be disabled. The possible reasons behind you account disabling can be due to the type of uploads you do or if you upload any video which is not according to the rules and regulations or policies of the You Tube.
Thus, You Tube has been served as a boom for those who do not get the right pathway to showcase their talents and moreover it brings us the advantage of watching any video anytime and anywhere and thus makes the work of individuals easy and time saving too.

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I am an Insurance Adviser (LIC) and an online re-seller. Also I am working in online field from past five years.

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