Freelancing part-2

Online earning in this competitive era is serving as a boom for the beginners as well as the individuals who are unable to find a living even being highly educated. Online earning has a lot of forms like uploading videos on YouTube , Virtual Assistant, Blogging, Freelancing, Via various apps providing education on various fields via videos lectures, etc.
In this article we will be discussing about how to earn through Freelancing and what are the steps to become a freelancer and we will be also discussing about some famous platforms for freelancing in a brief note. Now before beginning on how to become a freelancer lets discuss in brief what is freelancing? Freelancing generally is a mode of earning through online medium in which an individual works under a contractor who pays the freelancer . The freelancer is not a member of any office or company. He is just bounded to the contractor or the client who is hiring the freelancer. He is free of working hours and is not having any working loads and is also his own boss.
How to become a Freelancer?
When you say to the people are you are deciding to become a freelancer then they say you are doing something good or if you are thinking that you want to earn some side earnings then these following steps are very for you which will tell you how to become a freelancer:-
The first step is to ask yourself a question that what is the single most thing which makes you to become a freelancer and why you want to become a freelancer? If you able find the answer without difficulty than you should continue with the following steps but if you won’t then you must not continue because chances are more that you will leave this field in between and it may be due to various reasons. According to a case study it is seen that people who adopt things without any reason are most liable to leave that particular work in between because of lack of interest or due to lack of seriousness. If you finally decide to become a freelancer than you should be ready for working with different contractors, having a perfect schedule of daily routine, look for different projects and complete them at the same time. If you are ready so lets move ahead.
Next step is finding a perfect platform for yourself. Many individuals for becoming a freelancer uses freelancing platforms like the famous Upwork and many more. Many freelancing platforms provide various policies for the benefits of both the freelancer and the contractor. For choosing the platform which fits you the best you can separate them of the basis of income criteria and other important fields you find necessary for yourself. Choosing the bigger allows you to work with the serious clients and your pay is also increased for the high-quality work you do for the clients. Getting into the famous platforms you have to pass various tests and several rounds. So, choose your platform after thinking twice and thrice.
Next important step is to make your profile and fill the necessary details. So, that your clients don’t have any difficulties in knowing about your professional life. You need to specify each and every thing and you have to make your profile interesting and it should give an idea to the client about yourself that you are keen in working for him/her. You must give a detailed info about your professional background. You have to also give a detailed info showcasing your skills and talents in that particular field. The reason behind making your profile such is that there are various number of freelancers applying for that particular offer and many times it is seen that the contractor skips many applications due to time shortage. So, making your profile professional and interesting becomes very important.
Now you are set to explore the world of freelancing but there are various small-small steps which you need to master like setting your own price, being safe from the cyber crimes, choosing platforms which you find safe and has protecting policies. You must have to learn professional way of talking means you should have to talk with your contractors or clients in a very professional way like you have to avoid stickers and emoji’s, should send the messages without any abbreviations. To know more about how to talk or reply in a very professional manner you can refer to various videos available on the YouTube. If you master and acquired all the above small-small steps then you will be having a very high rate of hiring by the various contractors.
Thus, now your dream of becoming a freelancer just these unfollowed steps away. Now with these above steps anyone can become a freelancer without much difficulties. Freelancing is now becoming very efficient way of making money online and now more and more people are joining the family of the freelancers and making the freelancing community larger and larger day by day. Hence; do freelancing in a very safe and protective way.

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