Introduction: this is a story of two friends where one is a doctor who by his words saves the life of his friends. This story tells us a pinch of placebo effect which the doctor uses to cure their patients.


Doctor Bernard D’Souza, best doctor in the village and was very qualified in his studies. Doctor Bernard lived in a small village where he could help the ones who cannot afford a good cure. Though he charged more and due to that all the patient came when they are in critical condition but somehow he could save them. Doctor Bernard owned a big and an advanced hospital in the village and he can perform surgeries and much more with him unbelievable skills. Doctor Bernard did his studies from foreign and pretended to be a very classified and qualified doctor. Doctor Bernard was a very wise man. He had only one child and his wife ran a school in the village. Doctor Bernard had a very big house and was a famous doctor. His house was very big with all the modern amenities.

Doctor Bernard had a best friend Amit. They did the same schooling and then parted their ways but never broke any contact. They stayed in the same village. In school days they played together, studied together and indulged in a fight together. But as time passed by, responsibilities also passed on.

Amit was a farmer and did not earn much. He had two children and his wife sometimes helped him in farming whenever she was free. Amit’s responsibilities towards his family made a slight change between the bonding of the two. On every Sundays, Amit waited for Bernard to come after getting free from the surgery and then they went to dinner where they sit and chat about their work and their family. They both were very much loyal to each other and always helped each other whenever needed.

In their very busy schedule, doctor Bernard did not realised that the two of them have never met since months. Doctor Bernard was a very busy man and did not had any idea about Amit. It was now about 4 months that Amit did not call Bernard and the doctor didn’t realise. On one day, doctor Bernard saw Amit’s son waiting for him in the waiting room. It was just five minutes to a very big surgery. He went to Amit’s son and talked about five minutes. Amit’s son told that his father was very ill. Doctor Bernard replied, “for how many days has Amit been ill?”. Amit’s son replied ,”for four months.” Doctor Bernard was shocked and told that he will come till afternoon to see him.

After the long surgery, it was evening. Doctor Bernard ran to his friend and checked him. Amit’s temperature was very high he was as hot as fire. He had very high fever. Doctor opened his suitcase and took out an injection and injected an anti-virus fluid in the man’s body and gave him some tablets.

Doctor Bernard asked Amit’s wife that who came to see him to which his wife replied that a doctor from the next street came once a week and gave him a tablet. That tablet worked only for some hours but the side effects made the health of his friend even worse. Doctor Bernard told to take rest as he will come after sometime bringing some equipments from his hospital.

Doctor Bernard came after sometime, bringing a nurse with him and some equipments and he build a tiny laboratory in Amit’s house. He took the man’s blood and went through a big test. The reports took some days to come. Amit’s health was not improving. Amit can hardly move or talk. He was not feeling good. After the report came, Bernard got really tensed as the reports were not in favour of them. The report stated a very harmful bacteria which was very hard to cure. The nurse helped doctor Bernard and also stayed with Amit for days and helped him and his family. Doctor Bernard now made a commitment but only to Amit’s family and not him. He told that Amit does not have more time but will try my level best to save his life.

Amit did not had more time. He was hoping that he would live but somehow he lost the hope that he would live more and in his mind appeared many negative thoughts to which he cannot fight back. No one can help him now except the doctor and himself. Amit called his friend near him. He somehow managed to talk to his friend. Bernard told Amit to rest otherwise his health would affect him more. Amit replied that it is very important.

Amit asked Bernard with a pale and soft voice that if he had time or not because he had to sign a will where his property and his land was to be given to his wife and children and if he did not signed, his wife and children would come down the streets. Bernard was shocked to listen these words. He thought for some time, Amit had not much time but he then replied, “don’t worry Amit I have injected in you an antidode of the virus and now you will live for a 100 years.” This provoked a small smile in the house.

The next day when Bernard came to see to his friend to be very surprised he saw his friend’s health improving and no sign of danger was to be seen. Doctor Bernard’s golden words saved Amit’s life.

Feedback:- in this story we can see that doctor’s saying plays a very important role in an individual’s life because of doctor, millions of lives can be saved.


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