Introduction:- this is a story of a servant who was a very nice man but was accused of stealing a gold chain which was at the end proven wrong. This story specially revolves around a girl who was taken care by this servant and their bond grew to a very good extend.

It was night and Shamu was searching for a job and roaming around here and there. He felt very dizzy and decided to spent the rest of the night sleeping on a bench near the garden. Shamu was a very poor man. His mother died due to illness and his family income was very much less. His father worked in a factory and his small brother studied in a school. He used to work with his father but their income was not enough. They can only afford a two time meal. Shamu wanted his brother to study hard so that in future he would not have to work hard. Shamu ran from that village as he did not get enough from working in a factory. He came to the city in search of work expecting that he would earn something good so that he will send some money to his family.

It was three months since he came to the city. At first he worked for a very rich man who gave enough to Shamu. But he had to leave him as he thrashed Shamu with a stick whenever he made a small mistake. Afterwards he got another job as a peon in an office. He felt lucky on the first month of work but than he was very much abused by employees there and also was very much disrespected by the clerks also. He suffered this for a very long time because he was making a good sum but his patience lost his way and eventually he quit the job as a person can how long suffer the pain.

Shamu, was searching for a job and he did not afford a house. He stayed in a tent near the street but eventually the municipality department came and drove off all the tents. He now roamed around here and there, searching for a job and slept on a footpath or on any bench where he got a place.

It was once that he found a job of working in a house. He had to was the cloths, do the utensils, manage the house, help in cooking, water the plants and the main thing, he had to take care of their girl, Leela. She was just five and had to be taken care of. Her father was a doctor and spent his half of the day in the hospital. Her mother was a teacher in a school and she was unable to look after her. Leela’s house was very huge, showcasing the luxuries and their comfort level. They were very rich and had two cars. They had a beautiful house with a small playground in their backyard for Leela to play. They trusted Shamu in the first impression. Their house had three floors and their rooms were very luxurious. They had a small multiplex theater where they sometimes saw movies. They offered Shamu to spend the whole day in the house and gave him two time meals. Shamu earned enough and also gave enough amount to his family and their needs were also fulfilled.

Leela was a small and sweet girl who liked to play. She had school only for three hours and rest of the time she played with Shamu. Shamu took great care of that girl. Shamu played with her, he recited bed time stories to her every time and sometimes slept with her reciting the stories. He also took her every Sunday morning to a park and played their with her. Shamu was very fond of Leela and Leela was only attached to Shamu. Six months had passed and the bond between Leela and Shamu was becoming stronger. When Shamu went somewhere for some household work, Leela would simply wait for him, sitting on the swings at the entrance gate and would not move from there. Every time she came back from the school and did not see Shamu around, she always screamed at the top of her voice, “where is Shamu.”

The bond between the two friends became much stronger. it was once, Leela’s mother wore a precious gold chain which her father gave it on their first anniversary. The gold chain got misplaced. Leela’s mother searched the gold chain for many days. Her father also helped to find the chain but they did not find it. Negative thoughts about Shamu appeared in their mind. They accused Shamu of stealing the gold chain. They called the inspector and told them that they saw the gold chain in the hands of Leela and then they were not able to find it in the house. Shamu always stayed with Leela and therefore, he is the culprit. inspectorarrested Shamu and told what a violent man you are, stealing a chain from a small girl. Leela came running and told why they are taking Shamu, to which her parents replied that Shamu is a thief and had stolen my gold chain. Leela could barely understand any thing. Leela started crying as Shamu was going away. The inspector tortured him for many days but Shamu would not confess that he had stolen the chain.

A few days later, putting her hand into the tamarind pot in the kitchen, Leela’s mother picked up the chain. She took it to the tap and washed off the coating of tamarind on it. It was unmistakably her chain. Leela must have by mistake dropped in the tamarind pot while playing. His father next went to the inspector and told the whole story. They relised Shamu but from then he never worked for that household.

Feedback:- this story tells us that not every servant is what we think they are. Some are good like Shamu. We just have to change our way to see those poor man and we should surely help them.

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