Introduction to Freelancing

The coming of the internet various problems have been solved globally. The problem which for our country has been reduced with the coming of the internet is unemployment. Now many of you would be wondering how the internet can solve unemployment? The perfect answer to your question is that with the exposure with the internet ‘Online Earning’ is making more and more popular because of ray of scope and development. People are now getting more and more attracted towards online earning as a result people depending upon online activities are making a lot of profit. According to a report the world making online shopping website ‘Amazon’ is making a annual income of about 3.23 billion US dollars with an increment of 7.5%. Hence our above statement gets proved.
With the increase in the interest of the people towards earning through the online mode many new opportunities for the beginners as well as the individuals those who are unable to get a way to find there earnings are created like blogging, freelancing, virtual assistant ship and many more. So, in this article we will be talking about “Freelancing”.
‘What does ‘Freelancing’ actually means?’
According to Wikipedia :- “Freelance (sometimes spelled free-lance or free lance), freelancer, and freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work”. A freelancer moreover is a simple and easy way of making money online. Thus, more and more people are inetrested towards it. According to a report in 2018; the total 35% workforce of the US was made just only and only by the freelancers and thus as a result they able to make 1 trillion US dollars and its estimated to rise till 42% in the year 2020. Hence you can imagine how big and large the freelancing community is becoming everyday. Moreover a freelancer’s average income is about $30,000.
There are various advantages of freelancing which will encourage you to become a freelancer.
Why to become a ‘Freelancer’?
 If you are working in a office or in a private company then there is lot of load of work and this results various types of problems but this type of problem does not comes in the case of freelancing as if you are a freelancer then you don’t face this type of problem.According to Upwork about more then 45% chose freelancing as their carrier in ‘2016’.
 A freelancer has a very big advantage over other work jobs as a freelancer is his own boss. You don’t have any restrictions like you have no time boundaries and moreover you don’t have to follow timetable, etc. Problems which you face in a office or company.
 You have the liberty to maintain your own work relationships. You have to maintain your work relations with others means you are not forced to have work relationships with a particular company or group of companies.
 You also have the advantage of working from home and you don’t have to suffer from the tension of reaching office late and you also don’t have any restrictions of working in a particular working hours. You have the liberty of choosing all the above things.
 It is more economical then going to the offices and the chances of your getting sick are also reduced. As if you work in a office then you have to travel daily and thus if the working place is far from home then your travel charges also increases and thus costing you more but a freelancer is free from this type of problem as he works from home and thus the chances of getting sick also decreases.
 There is no gender inequality and it also has removed male dominancy as about 70% of the freelancers are women itself. Thus this has also solved the problem of women harassment in working places.
As you know every perfect thing has his own disadvantages.
Darker side of ‘Freelancing’:-
Thus following are the disadvantages of freelancing:-
 The biggest disadvantage a freelancer has to face is that there is no job security. As due to increase in population and poverty the unemployment rate is rising everyday and thus people are losing their jobs not only in offline sector but also in online sector such as in freelancing.
 Your whole schedule is messed up and one may find difficulties while he/she is a freelancer as your routines might be messed up may even clash with your other daily activities.
 About 50% of the freelancers remains unpaid. Many receives the payment though but they are very irregular.
 Many beginners are fooled tooby their clients as the beginners are many times are caught in the net of cyber crimes which now with the advancement of technology has become very common case.
These disadvantages are there but they can be removed too very easily by working efficiently and also by making a daily work routine so that your works doesn’t clash with each other. Moreover about more then 60% of the freelancers anticipates future growth. Freelancing as a result has changed the working scenario of the global world all around and has been emerged as an efficient way of earning a huge income just sitting and working at home which no one might had ever thought of earlier.
Introduction to Freelancing
Online Earning


I am an Insurance Adviser (LIC) and an online re-seller. Also I am working in online field from past five years.

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