Introduction:- this is a funny story but with a good moral. This story tells us not to be over enthusiastic about your excuses because it will surely lead to a bad climax.

It was same Monday morning, Bheem as usual was sleeping on his bed. He was in a very deep sleep and was clueless about his alarm. It was his school time. Bheem was a very lazy boy and did not like to go to school on Mondays. He always roamed around late on Saturdays and Sundays and that’s why he did not like Monday as he had to wake up early and go to school.

His father was a police officer and was very strict and punctual. He did not want his child to miss his schools at important days. He was a very sincere police officer and did his duty honestly. Bheem’s family was not so rich but his father managed to complete all their wishes.

Bheem’s mom came in his room with a shout. She told Bheem to go to school. Bheem was very lazy and refused by giving an excuse that he had a severe headache and is unable to come out of bed. His mother understood and told him to rest while she made him hot milk. It was now nine oclock and the school started at eightthirty. He was resting in his bed when his dad came to his room and said to go to school to which Bheem replied that he is suffering from a severe headache and was unable to move. His father told him to go to school now as this was a lame excuse. Bheem’s father always refused him not to roam around late on Sundays so that you will be fresh on Monday morning.

Bheem did not like it. He than gave a much lamer excuse. He told his dad that there was a teacher named Samuel who always thrashed the students whenever they are late to school or do not behave well in class and also those who do not complete their homework.Bheem justified this by giving an example of his classmate. He told his father that once his classmate was late to school and he was thrashed by Samuel and also Samuel ripped off his skin with a cane.

This made his father say that,”okay I have a solution to this.” He took out his letter pad and started writing a letter complaining about Samuel. He told Bheem to go and give it to his headmaster. But bheem again made excuses that his headmaster was also scared of Samuel. His father told him that he wanted no excuses and made him go to school.

All his way he only thought that how will he give the letter to his headmaster without any proof. Teacher Samuel thrashed the students so harshly. He always kept a cane with him and ripped any student’s skin off. He also told students to behave nicely otherwise he will smash him very hard. This frightened all the students. Bheem had a good opportunity to tell the headmaster that he was bitten by Samuel because he was late to school.

As he reached the class, he saw that Samuel was in a very good mood. Samuel asked the reason why Bheem was late to which bheem replied he had a severe headache. To which Samuel replied very calmly if he is okay or not and also said to him politely to attend the class.Bheem was very scared as Samuel was in a very good mood and he had no chance of getting beaten by him.Bheem went to his seat with a bleeding heart. He had never met a man so good as Samuel. The teacher was inspecting the home lessons, which usually produced scenes of great violence. Notebooks would be flung at faces, boys would be abused, caned and made to stand up on benches. But today Samuel appeared to have developed more tolerance and gentleness. He pushed away the bad books, just touched people with the cane, never made anyone stand up for more than a few minutes. Swami’s turn came. He almost thanked God for the chance. Samuel asked the students for their homework.Bheem said to Samuel that he had not completed his homework due to headache and to his horrors, Samuel told Bheem to sit down and he was fine that he did not completed his homework.

The period was over and Bheem felt desolated but he had another chance. The last period for the day was again taken by Samuel. He came this time to teach them Indian history. The period began at 3:45 and ended at 4:30. Bheem had sat through the previous periods thinking acutely. He could not devise any means of provoking Samuel. When the clock struck four Swami felt desperate. Half an hour more. Samuel was reading the red text, the portion describing Vasco da Gama’s arrival in India. The boys listened in half-languor. Bheem screamed at the top of his voice, why did Columbus not come to India. To which Samuel replied to keep his voice low and also told him to shut his mouth and sit down. Bheem was slightly happy for his success.

He tried again and again to make Samuel beat him. He screamed on top of his voice. He answered in the middle of every sentence. He roamed around in class and disturbed his fellow mates. This angered Samuel and he gave him a last warning by saying that he would cane Bheem and peel the skin off his knuckles and make him press it on his forehead. A feel of happiness went through him and he again misbehaved to which Samuel didn’t spare and did whatever he said.

The bell rang. Bheem quickly went to the headmaster’s office with the letter. He now had a proof. The headmaster’s office was locked he asked a peon about the headmaster to which he replied ,”the headmaster is out of town for two weeks so you can give it to the vice-headmaster, Mr. Samuel.” This made bheem sad and he went home crying. Seeing the letter in the hand, bheem’s father said “you are such a coward and scared that you cannot give one letter to your headmaster now never ask me for help.” When bheem told the story, his father replied that these were just excuses.

Feedback:- in this story we learn never to give lame excuses and always to accept help from people and always respect and obey your elders.



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