Introduction:-This is a wittyful story where a boy helps himself by using master ideas that develops in his brain and also makes his work faster and easier.

Iswaran was very hardworking boy and had full support of his mother and father. They had a well managed house and a very good lifestyle to live. His father got him many gifts and also sent him to one of the famous schools in Bangalore. Iswaran’s parents maintained a good relations with their neighbours, relatives and friends and they were always invited in many functions.

Iswaran’s family was a optimistic family where they believed in true bonding with one another and also in unity and equality. They treated ever friend and every member of their family equally and had no personal grudges with them. They were always loved by all. Iswaran’s father was the secretory of his society and was a very respectful man. He had the responsibility to take care his family. His wife was also kind hearted and loved by all. Iswaran’s father was ambassador of student council of India and had a good knowledge about schools and colleges.

Iswaran was in eight grade. Summer vacations were on and Iswaran’s family planned to go on a three to four day trip. They searched good places near Bangalore where they can go and enjoy the rest of the vacations. Iswaran was very happy as he will now spend a quality time with his family. They started to decide places. Their preference was a hill station near Bangalore where they can see the nature and have fun. They decided to go to ooty which was 270 k.m. away from Bangalore. They decided to rent a car as 270 k.m drive was not possible for his dad.

They packed their bags and were ready to leave all the bookings were done by his father and a rented car was waiting before them. They started their journey. They reached Ooty and enjoyed their for four days. A day after was the opening day of Iswaran’s school. They enjoyed the nature, clicked good pictures, ate amazing and delicious food and roamed around. It was the day when they were coming back. They sat in the car and returned. While they were returning, they met with a major accident. Their car flipped three times and then landed upside down. Iswaran somehow managed to survive but his parents failed to survive. They were taken to the hospital but it was too late. Iswaran cried to his hardest as he had no one accept his parents. He was sad for many days but life had to go on.

Iswaran’s aunt from Mumbai came to Bangalore to stay with him. She was very cruel and made Iswaran did all her stuff. His aunt always canned Iswaran when he did not do anything likely. Iswaran’s aunt was working in a firm, on a good post. Her income was enough to feed two stomachs. She was very cruel and rude to him.Iswaran complained many times to his grandfather but he was helpless as he grew very old and his pension was not fit for two people to live a normal life. Iswaran had to face his aunt’s cruelty.

His aunt always rested and she gave Iswaran many work to do like made him wash cloths, utensils, her car. She also made Iswaran clean up the shoes and also made him sweep floors. She was a very cruel aunt and due to his father’s will, she was the one who would take care of Iswaran after something happened to his parents.

He was very tired of working for his aunt. It was once, he was washing car and there came, Iswaran’s friend Abhinav. He flaunted his hobby towards Iswaran by saying, “I have come from my swimming class and now I will go for my tennis class and look at you how dull you are, washing your car.” Iswaran was a well behaved boy and that’s why he did not indulge in fighting so, he ignored him and went on with his work.

Abhinav always flaunted the sentence every time he saw Iswaran cleaning car. But every time, Iswaran ignored by giving excuses but now it was high time. The water level reached above the head and Iswaran’s mind stroke with a fantastic idea. Abhinav came again and told him same thing about his hobbies but this time Iswaran said a very intelligent sentence, “I am very lucky and honoured to wash my car only some get the opportunity to wash this car.” This made his friend jealous for some seconds and then he left.

The next day Abhinav came to Iswaran with an apple in his hand. Abhinav requested Iswaran to let him wash his car. But, Iswaran refused to let him wash the car. Then Abhinav told Iswaran that he can have a bite from my apple to let him was his car. Iswaran to which again refused. Abhinav again gave an offer for an half apple to which Iswaran again refused. Now he was ready to trade the whole apple but this time Iswaran agreed as his will very easily get completed without extra hard work.

Iswaran not only the car wash but also gave him cloths, utensils etc. to be completed and also got something in return. This master idea gave him rest for one year and after that Abhinav shifted to Mumbai and he was back in routine.


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