Introduction:- this is a story of a man who is very rich at first but then loses everything and goes bankrupt. He eventually loses his hope and tries his luck by solving puzzles and he spends loads in solving puzzles but eventually he gets nothing and when he loses all his hopes he finds a way and gets all again.

Raman Rao, the owner of Tradebulls pvt. Ltd., makes his way in the conference room where all the shareholders are waiting for him to come. They were making a new strategy for making some more amount of money and also discussing internal matters and affairs. The meeting exactly began at eight and ended at eleven. The strategy this time was not satisfied by the shareholders and when it was introduced to the staff, they were also not satisfied. His business delt with stocks. He purchased stocks from the market and sold at a very good price. He was a so called stock broker. He also was into politics and banking. He was a very rich man. He invested his most of the income in properties and also was very fond of them. He had five houses out of which three were given as rentals, one for business purpose and other was his own living.

Raman Rao’s wife was a housewife and she looked after their two children. They were very rich. The had a small swimming pool at the backyard which was automatic heated pool. Maple wood flooring was done in all their room. Raman Rao also had a BMW and an Audi. They were so very much rich. Their house was fully automated and enjoyed a great lifestyle. Raman Rao lived his life in Mumbai. He studied his masters and was graduated their. His father was not so much rich but afford to give his child all the enjoyments of life. He settled up his business in Bangalore and that too all alone. He faced many losses at first but when he got investors and applicants, profits aroused and he then didn’t have to worry about anything. He then with his family settled In Bangalore. They were enjoying a smooth life.

It was once that, the share market went on decreasing and suddenly, his firm collapsed. The firm collapsed because his financer met a sudden death and also his bank in Lahore collapsed. His political power also did not work and in days, Raman Rao and his family were on streets. Their cars were taken off, their business house was gone. The business had collapsed and suffered a great loss. In order to pay their debt, cash in hand and at bank was used and Tradebulls was eventually declared bankrupt. They only had their big house and the other three house. Their now income came only from the rentals which was not enough to survive in the city life. Raman Rao was very much worried and his brain stopped working. He was not prepared of any situation like this.

They were surviving somehow from the monthly rentals they got from the house but it was not enough. Raman Rao, frequently searched for a job in the newspaper. It was once, he saw something that blew off his mind. Rama Rao came across a journal in the Jubilee Reading Room. It was called The Captain. It consisted of four pages, and all of them were devoted to crossword puzzles. It offered every week a first prize of five lakh rupees. For the next few days his head was free from family cares. He was thinking intensely of his answers. He hardly stopped to look at his wife and children standing in the doorway when he returned home in the evenings. Week after week he invested a little money and sent his solutions, and every week he awaited the results with a palpitating heart.

When he went to buy the latest edition of jubilee reading room, the shopkeeper asked for money. Raman Rao told that when he got the winning price he would give three month subscription worth money at once. He got the newspaper and when he looked for the solutions, to his horror he saw that his name was not there in the price list and his solution were wrong. This made him very much low and depressed. Though his answers were not right, he tried again and again. He invested money in the newspaper but after a lot of tries, he always failed.

Raman Rao now lost all his hopes and wanted to end his life. He left the library and went on the railway track were he waited for the train to come. It was now three hours but the train did not arrive. He went to the platform to check out to which he saw that the goods train was stuck on the station as the engine got fire. He went home with a pessimistic face. His wife was very happy on seeing his husband she took a breath of relief. His wife asked why was he late to which Raman Rao narrated the truth to his wife. His wife thanked got that her husband was alive. After some time, chatting at the door, a man came by. He told Raman Rao that was this house for sale. Raman Rao at first refused but when he saw his wife making a pity face he told to give them a day or two to decide.

The whole night they discussed and finally they agreed to sell out the place. the man was offering a huge money of the house. they decided that half of the money Raman Rao’s wife will spend for living and half of the money Raman Rao will go to madras and set up his business their. By the time the money with his wife will finish, he would have figured out something. The next day they agreed to sell the house. after some years, Raman Rao had set up again a huge business and once again became very much successful.

Feedback:- this story tells us that one should work hard rather than solving puzzles and investing money in some stupid lucky draw.

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