Introduction:- this is a story of the different governmental departments of our country which transfers their work load to each and every department and in the meanwhile, the work to be done earlier delays and eventually all the things are messed up.

It was monsoon in Delhi, the temperature dropped from 20 degrees to 15 degrees. Thunderstorms and lighting bursted out like they were angry on someone. Nights were dark and scary. No one dared to came out of their houses at night except those who had to run for important meetings or for office works. Many incidents were happening at this time. Recently, two cars crashed into each other due to lack of visibility and thunderstorm. The climate was very wild and the one who went out, risked their life to a great extend.

It was once, a great storm occurred and a plum tree fell in the lawn of the secretariat. When the gardener saw it in the morning, he found that a man was pinned down under the tree.The gardener rushed to the peon; the peon rushed to the clerk; the clerk rushed to the superintendent; and the superintendent rushed to the lawn outside. Within minutes a throng gathered around the man pinned down under the tree.

The clerks instead of bothering about the man, bothered about the tree that how fruitful the tree was and his children enjoyed the plums of this tree. But the superintendent told that this man must have died. The man replied very poorly, “no I am alive.”The gardener told that the trunk should be lifted up quickly. He told that if his sir gave him the permission he would bring some ten to twelve gardeners and lift the trunk. The superintendent told to consult the undersecretary.

The superintendent went to the Undersecretary; the Undersecretary went to the Deputy Secretary; the Deputy Secretary went to the Joint Secretary; the Joint Secretary went to the Chief Secretary; the Chief Secretary went to the Minister. The Minister spoke to the Chief Secretary; the Chief Secretary conveyed it to the Joint Secretary; the Joint Secretary spoke to the Deputy Secretary; and the Deputy Secretary conveyed it to the Undersecretary. The file kept moving, it took up half the day.

At lunch time, many people were gathered. All people judged the decisions and some made their own decisions. They took the case in their hands and told that they should just take out the tree but they all cannot do it all alone and waited eagerly for the orders. Superintendent came running with a file and told that we cannot rip of this tree, this matter goes in the hands of the agricultural department.

The next day the Agriculture Department replied that the tree had fallen in the lawn of the Trade Department, therefore the responsibility of removing the tree or not rested with the latter. Enraged at this response the Trade Department promptly wrote back that the responsibility of removing or not removing trees rested with the Agriculture Department; the Trade Department had nothing to do with the matter. The file went on for two days.

It was then, a clerk told that we can chop of the man from the torso and take out both different parts of his body and there are modern surgeries also happening so this man can live. The file went to the medical department.The Medical Department acted on it at once and the very next day they sent the most competent plastic surgeon of their department for investigation. The surgeon robustly prodded the body of the crushed man, examined his blood pressure, breathing, his heart and lungs, and reported that plastic surgery could indeed be performed on the man and it would be successful too, but the man would die.So, this proposal too was rejected.

At night, the gardener fed him with dal and rice and he asked that what did he did for a living to which the man replied that he was a poet and he wrote the famous poem,” Gulab ka phul.” All of them were horrified and the next day, the file went to cultural department as the man was a poet.The Culture Department was requested to decide the matter as soon as possible so that the unfortunate poet could gain deliverance from the shady tree.Moving from various sections of the Culture Department, the file reached the Secretary of the Literary Academy. The poor Secretary at once reached the Secretariat on his car and began to interview the crushed man.The crushed man’s health was very sensitive but the secretary still interviewed. But the secretary promised that he will do some arrangements.

The next day, when the Forest Department men arrived with saws and axes, they were prevented from cutting the tree. They found out that the Foreign Affairs Department had prohibited the cutting of the tree. The reason was that the tree had been planted in the Secretariat lawn a decade ago by the Prime Minister of Petunia. If the tree was cut now, there was a great risk that our relations with the government of Petunia would be damaged forever.The prime minister was on a foreign tour and will return on the following day and as soon as he will be back, some arrangements must be made.

The next day, the prime minister gave permission to cut the tree, in order to save a man’s life. The superintendent came with the file in his hand and told that tomorrow you will be free as the prime minister has given the permission but it was too late aspoet’s arm was cold. His eyelids were lifeless, and a long line of ants was going into his mouth. The file of his life had also been completed.

Feedback:- plum tree is a story describing the laziness, selfishness, corruption and stupidity of the government who can cut trees for development, to build factories and residential areas but can not cut a single tree to save a man’s life who is stuck under the tree.
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