Introduction:- This story is about a small and innocent girl. Her father is a very poor man and does not fulfil his family needs because of work load. He did his best to keep his family but eventually disappoints them.


Neetu was sleeping on her bed, grazing the ceiling fan in a very disappointing mood. Neetu wanted to go with her friends to the fun fair held in their city but her father did not allowed Neetu as they were very poor and cannot afford this much spendings. Neetu’s father earned only forty rupees a day which was not enough in the city. He worked in a press firm where he was just a small peon who had loads of work and also he never got holidays or vacations to enjoy. He always had to work overtime and did not have time for his family. He frequently asked his boss about a raise in his salary but his boss every time replied that he was just a peon in the office and he will never be given a raise. He did not have guts to resign from the job as he will never get this much respect from any other work place.

Neetu many a times wanted to go to school trips with her friends but every time her father refuses as he could not afford school trips. And it was true on his side as his salary was only forty rupees a day and what would he do with only handful of amount.It was once that she wanted to go with her friends to a fun world. She asked her father about some money to spend but her father refused to give money. She requested her father very much but he always refused her. She cried the whole night and next day when her father was having a bath, she found his coat and stole some rupees from the pocket and went. His father after having a bath found that some rupees were stolen and he was sure that Neetu was the culprit. When Neetu was back, his father was very much pissed on her and scolded her a lot. But Neetu had many more wishes that she wanted to put before her father but after the scolding she never told what she wished.

Months passed by but Neetu always demanded of something or other. This made her father tired of her demands and he once told that they will go to the cinemas after her father was back home. This made Neetu very much happy. She went to school that day. Her father told her to get ready at five as he will be waiting at that time. She was very excited and went to school. Neetu was very excited and couldn’t stay for any longer. She asked her friend Shanta about the time to which she replied it was five or rather six. Neetu rushed towards her teacher and asked her to give the permission to leave as it was already five and she had to leave as her father was waiting.

Her teacher told her that who told you it was five. She replied Shanta to which her teacher replied, I have already taught you how to see the time. It is just two and a half and you have many time left in five. Neetu was very excited. Her eyes was constantly gazing to the watch needle. As the time passed her excitement also grew. It was four and Neetu wanted to go home. She asked the teacher whether she could go home or not. The teacher gave her permission to leave, and Neetu picked up her books and dashed out of the class with a cry of joy. She ran home, threw her books on the floor and shouted, ‘Mother, Mother,’ and Mother came running from the next house, where she had gone to chat with her friends. Her mother asked why was she so early.

But, her first sentence was, ‘Has Father come home?’. She would not take her coffee or tiffin but insisted on being dressed first. She opened the trunk and insisted on wearing the thinnest frock and knickers, while her mother wanted to dress her in a long skirt and thick coat for the evening. Neetu picked out a gorgeous ribbon from a cardboard soap box in which she kept pencils, ribbons and chalk bits. There was a heated argument between mother and daughter over the dress, and finally mother had to give in. Neetu put on her favourite pink frock, braided her hair and flaunted a green ribbon on her pigtail. She powdered her face and pressed a vermilion mark on her forehead. Now Neetu was ready and she thought that her father will praise her as she was before time. She asked her mother that if she was coming but her mother had loads of work to do and refused.

Neetu was waiting outside for her father. It was nearly four thirty but her father did not show up. Her mother told her to wait inside but she refused. It was five. Every one in the office was leaving. Neetu’s father went to his boss and said that he wanted to leave as he had a private business. His boss refused him a leave and made him stay in the office. He was very angry as he also wanted to take his daughter to cinema. It was eleven now. Neetu’s father returned home. Neetu already was asleep and in her new dress. Neetu’s mother told to her father, not to make false promises because Neetu was very much excited.

Neetu’s father told that he had work and was stuck there. To which she replied that was your work more important than your daughter’s happiness. He thought the whole night and made a decision. Next day he went to his boss with his resignation letter. His boss told him that he had raised his monthly salary from forty to fifty rupees a month. He was very happy and he did not gave the letter to his boss. He went home and told his wife about this and she was also very much happy.

Feedback:- this story tells us that ten rupees increment is also a very big increment for poor ones. One has to be satisfied on what he has got. Though they were poor but they were happy in this much increment.


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