Rice Flour Simple CHILLA At Home


1.Rice flour 1 cup
2.Besan 2 teaspoon
3.Salt to taste
4.Water to make batter
5.Groundnut oil
6.Milk 2 teaspoon


*Take rice flour in a bowl.
*Add salt + besan + milk (besan makes chilla crisp and milk helps chilla not to stick in the pan).
*Add water and make flowing consistency batter.


a)Take a black pan or nonstick pan(TIP:- if you want crisp chilla than take black normal daily use pan and if u want soft chilla than take a non stick pan)
b)Heat the pan to max than add oil in the pan and sprinkle some water to make pan ready for cooking chilla.
c)let cool pan a little than add a little oil and pour the batter in round shape.
d)Cover the pan with a lid and let it cook for 1 min.
e)Keep the flame at medium.
f)open the lid add some oil in the sides of the pan.
g)Keep flame at max.
h)After a few second turn the chilla and let cook other side for 30 seconds and keep the flame at medium.
i)Take out hot chilla in the plate and serve it with green chatney or tomato sauce

Tip:- you can also have chilla with tea in rainy and winter season.

In the next post i will give the recipe of onion chilla
stay tuned

stay healthy and enjoy rainy days 🙂


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