Introduction: This story is about a blind beggar who is very helpless and is always in search for food and shelter its once that a dog comes up and helps him. This story depicts bonding between the dog and the man.

A blind beggar always sits on the market gate and finds some food for him. He carries a big sack with him and a stick which helps him to make a way for himself. He wears a torn t-shirt and torn jeans which are very old. He gets his meals from an old lady which stays alone in the house, near the market place. She always brings some food for the beggar when she visits the market place.

The market place was a dirty and shabby place with bad smell roaming in the atmosphere. The market place consisted of many vendors all with their private shops and space where they could gather their customers. The market except from vegetable vendors, contained some toy shops, amusement rides and much more. People throwing waste food, was sometimes the beggar’s meal. The blind beggar had to eat the waste items to keep him survive the day longer. It was once that a vendor saw the beggar and gave him some food which made the beggar lucky sometimes.

The old lady visits very often and the old beggar gets his meals. There was a ribbon seller and a shoe maker in the market with very old and dirty shops.They regularly see the beggar and pass some judging comments ”these beggars have no work to do and they just loiter here and there begging money and food and here we work so hard every day and still do not get enough money.” Instead of helping the beggar , they pass unusual comments and also sometimes taunt the beggar.

it was very sunny day, the blind beggar sitting besides the market gate was eating his meal. Far from a market gate there was a dog, very shabby and dull looking, with one leg broken and very thin, came to the blind man and licked his hands. The beggar was unknown that his life from now is going to change. The blind beggar felt something and he threw some of the food towards the dog. The dog happily ate it.

Now the dog always stayed and helped the blind beggar. The beggar now got a companion with him. After some days, the old woman died. Now the beggar had no ways for his meals. now he would have to find his own meals. with the help of the dog he searched for food. The ribbon seller always seeing this got a very pity feeling and tied a ribbon around the dog’s neck and gave the other end to the beggar. Now the dog always stayed with the beggar. The beggar took the dog everywhere.

The blind beggar now tortured the dog so much. He refused to give the dog adequate rest. He kicked the dog whenever the dog rested. The food given to the dog was also not adequate. The dog felt very pissed at himself and always searched for an opportunity to escape. The ribbon seller always saw this and exclaimed ”what a pitiful dog, who got stuck with this blind beggar and this beggar is now treating him like a demon.” Once he thought of helping the dog. He went to his cabin and came with a pair of scissors. He took the scissors and just with one stroke made the ribbon into two pieces and gave the dog his freedom.

The beggar was scared and panicked. He fell down and broke his arm. He was very scared as he now had no support. He somehow stood up and went in search of his stick. He now felt helpless. There was no one to help him. He did not got enough meals for some days. He always sat near the gate of the market place hoping he would find some food or someone to help him.He never got help from anyone. He sometimes got his food and sometimes not he was very much helpless and had no hopes to live his life. In his mind appeared many thoughts which always disturbed him and there were no ways he could help himself.

This went on for many days and finally the beggar decided to end his life. He went far from the market place all by himself. He stood in front of a street hoping that any time a car would come and will knock him out. He stood there waiting for the car to come. He heard a voice of car honk from a great distance. As the car was coming closer the beggar’s heart rate went up. At that time all of a sudden the same dog came and saved the beggar’s life. And from that day, the dog remained with the beggar.

Next day seeing this at the market place the ribbon seller exclaimed,”Ah! What a pity the dog came running to his master once again and will be treated again the same.” And he was true, the beggar remained the same as before.

Feedback:- this story tells the great bonding between the dog and the man.Though animals being very loyal to humans but they are same as before, very cruel and will never understand the feeling of an animal.


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