The Cheque

INTRODUCTION: This story is a very motivational story which shows the skills and abilities of any man who can do anything if he wishes to do so. This story is also against some addictive practices which takes the luxury and precious life of a person. This story is also based on the concept that every human is helpful in any situation.


It was a summer evening sir Raman , the owner of Manohar industries , came home with a smell of enthusiasm in him. Tomorrow will be a great day for him. He got an order of nearly 40 lakh tons of steel which amounted to nearly 10 crores. He made that deal with foreign clients which needed steel for manufacturing purposes. He was a successful businessman with nearly a count of 500 employee staff with a general manager in each department. His office consisted of 8 floors which were divided in 5 departments, a conference room , a canteen , a reception with waiting area. People loved to work in his office as the office environment was very clean and fit for people to work. Sir Raman was a very learned man he studied his bachelors from Bangalore university and did masters from St.Jones university in Canada. He enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle. He was one of the successful businessman in Bangalore.

His family was very much proud of him. They enjoyed a very luxurious life and their children were born rich. Raman had a wife and his wife bore him two children. Raman’s house was a well defined bungalow with 3 floors one of which consisted a home theatre. Each floor consisted of two rooms and a kitchen and guest room on the ground floor. Each room had a wooden flooring and also kitchen had shock absorbing equipment’s. There was also a play area for his children and the terrace was a beautiful place where the family did their breakfast. Their terrace had a garden effect which they enjoyed a lot.

It was the day of the deal. Raman was very eager and excited about the deal. For an introductory speech, he hired his best employees, mr.Iyer and also for the presentation he choose ms.Ruhi. Raman also selected his best employees for the deal and they all were very excited and nervous about the deal. All employees were set in the conference hall on the 6th floor with speeches in hand and they all were memorising it. The foreign dealer, sir Alex and miss Marry, came to the conference hall. They were very much pleased by the decorations and the way they were welcomed. The meeting went around nearly an hour. After the meeting, a roar of happiness burst out of the conference hall as they got the deal and the firm made mass profits. The employees were given a raise in their salaries.

That night he decided to go to a bar and casino to party with his friends. That night they had drinks and partied and gambled all night. That night was a bomb to all of them. After that night, Raman had a thought to gamble again as he enjoyed it very much. He went again to casino to gamble but this time all alone. This went till days and Raman was now was addicted to gamble, drinking and smoking. He loved doing those things. He gambled through many other things except casinos like betting etc. He was very much addicted to these things now and he was unknown that his life was at stake. He was very much enjoying and at first he earned a lot but there is a saying that no one is satisfied in what they have. He had a greed for money. His behaviour towards his family had changed. His attitude towards his employees had also changed. He became very much rude and aair of over proudness ran in his veins.

As he gambled day by day, he did not notice that he was losing his earnings, employees and friends. In the first month of gambling his staff reduced to 400 but earnings increased and as he made the gambling regular, his staff count reduced to 300 and earnings reduced drastically. As months passed, his earnings now were finished and employees left him and he was declared bankrupt. His office was sold off to clear his debts. His house was also sold and now he lived in a small and old house

Raman was so pissed at himself. He now pledged not to gamble, drink or smoke again. He had to fulfil basic needs of his family that is food and water which are very essential for survival. He worked in a factory for hours. He worked very hard for his family and at the end of the day he had nothing less than a penny. He was not very habitual in working in factories so, he resigned. No option left, he made a decision to end his life and commit a suicide.
He did not thought about his family once. He went to a bridge nearby, he was about to jump when a man came by and asked about reasons for his suicide to which Raman described the story. The man gave him a cheque worth rupees 1 crore and told him to withdraw the money only when there is a need.

This motivated Raman in a positive manner. He worked very very hard day and night to get his fame and money back. After a lot of tries, he somehow managed to get 25% of his fame and as day passed, he increased his efforts and got all back without using the crore which the man gave. His family was very proud of him. Now Raman got routine orders from big firms and his employees came back.
Afterwards he decided to gave back the unused cheque which he was given by the man. He went on the same lane at the same time. He found the man and thanked him for his help. To which man replied, “I have just 10000 in my account. I am a middle class man and I do not earn much. This cheque was just to motivate you to which you got your results.”

Raman was surprised to that and he hired that man in his firm as a chief executive officer of the Manohar enterprise. The man was very lucky and so was Raman.


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