Introduction:- this story gives a great emphasis on teachers of the school which only supports their students and always give them optimistic thoughts. The school teachers are always positive in nature and never think bad about their pupils. They also care about their students and never hate them.

It was summer evening and the students had enjoyed a long and big vacation. Some went out of station whereas some enjoyed their vacation by relaxing in their couch and doing nothing. Some went to the beaches and played some sports whereas some stayed home reading books. Swami was one of those who did nothing and sat all day on his couch doing nothing except playing video games and watching television.

He had two friends, ram and Vikram, they loved to play sports and enjoyed their vacation by playing football, kabaddi, volleyball and many more. They often called Swami to play with them but it was every time that he refused by just saying one excuse, “I have no time for your sports as I have to clear this new level to master this game.” And every time Ram and Vikram went without saying anything.

Swami was a very stubborn child. He was every time firm in his decisions. He developed a very proud attitude as he was very rich and got things only in one demand. His father owned a big factory and also two mills. His house was very huge which contained a small backyard. Swami was living a luxurious lifestyle. His father on his birthday everytime gifted his expensive gifts and Swami would enjoy it. His friends were not as rich as Swami so theyspend their time near the beach or somewhere in the playground where they played soccer. But the three of them had a very nice friendship.

It was the last day of vacation. All the students were eagerly waiting to meet their friends and talk about their days. Swami as usual, was sitting in the couch and playing video games. It was the day of school and also was Swami’s birthday. He went to school with a box of his favourite chocolate and distributed among students and teachers. He gave a big pack of chocolate to Ram and Vikram and also to his favourite teacher Mr. John Diaz. Swami was wished by all his classmates and they all were invited in his party tonight.

It was party time and all his friends brought gifts and chocolate.Swami was very happy as he got his favourite cake on board and also his father brought him a very expensive and limited edition watch on his birthday. They all enjoyed the party very much. They ate delicious food and also danced a lot. After the party got over, swami quickly opened all the gifts and was very happy to see all his favourite toys and games were there.

Next day, Swami went to school wearing same watch that his father gave him on his birthday. He wanted to show the watch to his fellow mates and just wanted to show off. It was lunch time, swami and his friend had their lunch together and were about to go to the washroom. Swami left his watch in the class as he wanted to wash his hands. When they came back, swami was shocked and surprised to see that his watch was not there. He was very tensed and started to panic. He called his friends and told about the watch. They all searched the whole class but there was no clue of his watch. The break time was over. The next class was about to start. Swami was so much worried but, his friends somehow manage to calm him until the last lecture.

Mr. John Diaz was taking the last lecture. He was Swami’s favourite teacher and they hoped that Mr. Diaz must solve his problem. The bell rang. It was time for the last lecture. Swami thought that someone had stolen his watch. He quickly approached to Mr. Diaz and asked his favour. They all narrated the watch story andmr. Diaz replied that he will find a way.

Mr. john Diaz approached to the principle and told about the story. Principle said that he will look into the matter tomorrow when the students gather in the amphitheatre at the time of their prayers. Mr. Diaz thought that this mystery would never be solved this way. He only had to do something. Swami was very sad for his loss. He went home and when his mom saw the missing watch she scolded Swami and thrashed him. His father also did not spare him. He was not feeling good and was very angry at himself.

The next day he went to school having a pessimistic face. All students gathered for their morning prayers. After the prayers the principle announced about the watch, to give it back to the respected owner. The theif was scared and they all went to the class. It was Mr. Diaz’s class. He told the students to give back the watch whoever has stolen. No actions will be taken if the watch gets back. But no one would answer because the theif was scared. Afterwards Diaz told all the students to close their eyes so that he will check each bag and take out the watch.

All students closed their eyes and the watch was found. Mr. Diaz got the watch from the theif’s bag and he handed over the watch to Swami. Swami asked for the name but teacher refused to tell him. This incident was a miracle for Swami as he found his watch. But the theif remained undiscovered.

It was once after many years, Arjun a classmate of Swami came to meet Mr. Diaz. Mr. Diaz grew old but still was favourite of many students. Arjun thanked Mr. Diaz about not telling his secret to the class about the steal and because of Mr. Diaz, he became a very successful man. He was the theif of the stolen watch. Arjun was shocked to hear Mr. Diaz’s reply. He told, “ah! You were the culprit. I also did not knew who was the theif because I also had my eyes closed because I did not wanted to develop personal hatred for any of my students.” This made Arjun very happy and also Mr. John Diaz a great teacher.


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