Introduction:- this is an anti-war story which gives a tribute to the militants who risk their lives to save ours and to make our tomorrow better. This story deals with all the horrors of war which a militant goes through.


Young Kapil was standing above his national flag, saluting and praising it. A feel of patriotism shattered in the air and national anthem was about to start. All the militants were ready in their position and national anthem started. Kapil’s father, sir veer Pratap Singh was very strict and disciplined as he was the colonel of the military and had full powers to make them quite.

Young Kapil wanted to be like his father when he grew up, brave and enthusiastic in every way. He loved his country and like his father wanted to do something for the country. Whenever he hears national anthem, a strong feeling runs around his veins and he every time gets goosebumps on his hand. He gets a patriotic feeling and also feels proud in being the citizen of his country.

Young Kapil’s father, colonel veer Pratap Singh served the army for around 20 years and he had experienced all the horrors of war. He got shot twice in the leg and had scars all over his body. He was a very brave man and never got scared in any of the war. He did many things for his country. He saved his country from intruders, he leaded many missions where he had to knock down many terrorists and also he got a bravery medal from his department. Colonel veer Pratap Singh’s wife also worked for their country, in the forensic department where she adjusted specimen and analyzed it. young Kapil wanted to be same as his parents very brave. A spirit of patriotism went through their family. They all stayed in the military base of India and were safe in there. His father had to go to foreign land whenever there was a war.

Kapil’s mother new all the horrors of war and did not allow him to join the military but Kapil every time answered back by saying, “I want to be like dad as he is my role model and I will join the military and help my country.” But, inside her mother felt proud about that.The family was very proud to be the citizen of India and worked day and night, not for themselves but for their country.

It was once that, sir veer Pratap Singh went on a war expedition. It was a Dutch war which was fought near Nepal. Colonel veer Pratap was the leading his army in this war. There was an atmosphere of tension in the house and his mother daily prayed for his husband. The war went on for almost fourteen days and after the war, there came a scary news flying around the country that colonel veer Pratap Singh was dead in the Dutch war. A roar of cry went over in the house Pratap Singh’s wife did not control her tears and his son also cried for days. But the somewhere knew that this is life and if we have to move on then we have to get through this.

It took many days to get this through them. The move on was quite hard but it is life. It took thirteen days to move on and on the fourteen day, his wife continued the job and served the country. Many years after when Kapil Singh grew, he joint the army like his father. His mother refused Kapil to join the army but seeing his bravery and passion to serve the nation she agreed and proudly sent Kapil to the army. Kapil was trained and tested for some months and then was selected for the army.

Kapil was very much happy that he was selected for the army. He joined the army at the age of 21 and served for the army. It was then, a declaration of the Vietnam war. Kapil had to go to the war. Kapil’s mother was scared and tears fell from her eyes because she knew that this may be the last time she is seeing Kapil and may be in future she will not see him.

She hugged Kapil very tightly and this time she told very proudly to go knock down those terrorist and save our country. Kapil prayed to god and made his journey. All militants were clueless about the days they will be stuck in Vietnam. They had to make tents and bunkers to protect themselves and had to make their own food. This war was the first war for Kapil and was unknown about all this stuff as his father never told him about the horrors of war because he may change his mind after listening those. Kapil was brave enough to manage things.

The war went on for many days and eventually it ended after twenty days. All the militants were taken to their state. Kapil was also one of them. He went home. His mother saw him and for some minutes she couldn’t recognize him. Kapil was severely injured. He had deep scars all over his face and also many bullet holes on this shoulders, legs and stomach. He used a small metal wrench to hold his body and steel plates were inserted internally to his body to support him. His hand was broken and all the fingers were stiffed.

Seeing such things, Kapil’s mother turned herself around and refused to see Kapil and also hiding his tears. Kapil got a medal for his bravery. He never left his army and continued to serve for the nation though with extreme injury and pain.

Feedback:- this story does not permit war and also is a tribute to our brave soldiers who fight for us with lack of rest to make our nation a better and a
safe place to live without any fear of terrorism or the horror of war.


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