You’re not alone

You’re not alone

You’re born on this globe, being a boy or a girl, not sure if you like but you let it be for now. 15 years old, they say you’re so childlike immature. Teaching you some facts but your heart knows something else.“Things will be better” but little one, be prepared for the worse. But,
If you like the other guy you play in park with
If that girl makes you wanna hold her hands
You’re not alone to feel all those feelings that you should avoid, but it’s your life and your heart wants to love the same sex.
Your folks might disown you and maybe your friends will ignore you. This is a cruel world and for you it’s even lethal. “But my strength comes from myself and I love who I am”, the day you believe this, not even the cosmic force can move you. Until then, not even days, there will be years of loneliness, but trust me on this, you’re not alone.
If you love ballet more than football
If those girly clothes aren’t your thing
You’re not alone being someone else than you’re supposed to, but look you got more colors than this black and white boring world.
P.S. Maybe someday you’ll have a choice. Someday you’ll be you or maybe one day there won’t be anyone to judge your rainbow silhouette.


I am an Insurance Adviser (LIC) and an online re-seller. Also I am working in online field from past five years.

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